Bodhi Television came into being to fulfill the need of Buddhist followers and well-wishers in order to create a platform as a meeting point to share and exchange the knowledge and learning on matters related to Buddhist philosophy. Bodhi Television is the first and only Buddhist television channel in Nepal, and most probably in the world with the noble objectives of propagating, promoting and internationalizing Lumbini (the birthplace of Lord Buddha) Buddhist philosophy, teaching, values and culture.


The basic objectives of Bodhi Television are the promotion and propagation of Buddhism. Bodhi television therefore intends to educate, motivate and inform the people to create and increase awareness among all section of society on matters related to Buddhism so that the people can join the main stream of Buddhism to create a peaceful world.

Bodhi Television continues to be a media platform to bring all Buddhism related creativity including scholars and researchers so that Nepal could lead in propagating and promoting Buddhism as well as the internationalization of Lumbini for the progress and prosperity of Nepal and the world.


Bodhi Television’s programs have been designed taking into consideration of meeting the need and aspiration of people who are inclined to Buddhism. Bodhi Television’s programs are based only on Lumbini and Buddhism and therefore has its unique, separate and special existence in media world. Bodhi Television’s position has further strengthened and brightened because of the fact that Bodhi Television is the only television channel in the world to make regular LIVE Program from the sacred Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha as well as sacred place listed in the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The live program is a special broadcast of Bodhi Television.

Bodhi Television’s programs include most importantly daily LIVE Program from the sacred Lumbini, discourses by Buddhist scholars and Venerable Gurus, documentaries, travelogues, most soothing musical performances, talk programs with Venerable Gurus, teaching method of meditation, Pariyati education and news from around the world on Buddhist activities.

Bodhi Television’s programs are designed in such a way that it contributes to simplify (made easy) the teaching of Lord Buddha.


Bodhi television runs 27 *7 in HD format and reaches to the audience worldwide through satellite.

“Bringing Buddhism from Lumbini to World” is the message Bodhi Television continuously pursues to disseminate Buddhism.