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Bodhi – The meaning

In Pali and Sanskrit literature BODHI means Awakening, is a title given in Buddhism to the specific awakening experience attained by Buddha. BODHI is most commonly translated into English as enlightenment; however, a more accurate translation is awakening or understanding. After attainment of BODHI, it is believed one is freed from the cycle of samsara: Birth, Suffering, Death and Rebirth. BODHI is attained only by the accomplishment of the Paramitas (Completeness of merits), when the Four Noble Truths are fully grasped and all Karma has reached cessation.

Why BODHI Television?

Broadcasting technology has stirred a revolution that is altering the lives of millions of people in the world, overcoming the barriers of climate and geography, leap-fogging technological gaps in reaching the message of various subjects to the largest cross section of the society and bridging the information and knowledge gap existed between countries and people. An initiative is underway from private initiative to utilize such technology to propagate Buddhism and to bring live glimpse of Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha to the world in conformity. This will not only open new horizon for the Buddhist followers of the world but also contribute to promoting the image of Nepal with the message of peace.

BODHI Television, a dedicated organization, has been established with the objective of disseminating information on matters related to different aspects of enlightenment process of teaching of the Buddha. It aims to bring the most enhanced and professional television broadcasting service in High Definition (HD) format to the world as exponent of the Buddha and Buddhism for the attainment of NIRVANA. The process of understanding peace building measure with noble guidance of the Buddha, in today’s chaotic world, can be one essential approach for strengthening harmony among all living beings. This benevolent objective of reaching out of world with messages of Peace from the Buddha will be the perpetual effort of BODHI Television.

Establishment and promotion of peace in the present world is the most important subject for all of us. In this context, it is necessary and important to educate, inform and motivate the people from all over the world about the important of peace for which the dissemination of the teaching of Lord Buddha is vital.

What is in BODHI Television?

Bodhi is a Television channel that, at the core of it, carries the moss at compassionate feeling of helping world peace through audio/visual broadcast. The programming will contain discourses by Buddhist scholars and Venerable Gurus, documentaries, travelogues, most soothing musical performances, talk programs with venerable gurus, teaching methods of meditation, history, news from around the world and many more including language teaching and scripts such as Pali, Sanskrit, Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan etc. among others.

As our primary goal, we are focused on delivering contents related to Buddhism, teachings and practices through the window of Lumbini to the world. The challenging part of this broadcasting will be the balance of contents of the followers of different practices without criticizing or promoting any one practice over the others. The core concept of this channel will be to carry the message of Buddha through neutral contents to the world from the birthplace of Shakyamuni Buddha, Lumbiniā€¦. The program to extend transmission of live activities and pictures coverage from Lumbini will be the main highlight. This will not only gather interest of Buddha followers but anyone gets to observe Lumbini live from wherever they are.

Lumbini – The birthplace of Sakyamuni Buddha

“After I am no more, O Ananda! Men of belief will visit the place with faith, curiosity and devotion. Lumbini, the place where I was born, the path to ultimate peace is spiritual discipline” – The Buddha

Nepal is the birth place of Shakyamuni Buddha and the fact has long been established through numerous excavations and archeological, historical evidences and strengthened by the time-transcending Asoka Pillars.

The birth place of Shakyamuni Buddha, Lumbini is 280 km southwest of the capital city of Kathmandu. The place has a religious valued to the Buddhist community like no other place in the world. The followers of peace throughout the world felt the need of conservation and reservation of this religious landmark. A master plan was designed by the famous architect Late Professor Kenjo Tange of Japan for the development of this greatest pilgrimage site of all follower of the philosophy of peaceful co-existence.

Lumbini, as of 1997, is an UNESCO World Heritage Site specifically nominated for the International World Heritage program.