Dolkha Machindranath Jatra

Dolkha Machindranath Jatra

Dolkha Machindranath Jatra

Dolkha is one of the ancient Newar settlements of Nepal. This town is is also famous for this unique tradition of pulling chariot of Karunamaya, just as it is done in Lalitpur and Kathmandu. But the uniqueness if the variety of the festival here is that the chariot is pulled along the hilly stairs made of stone. the typically designed wheels with teeth helps the chariot to climb the hill. This documentary tries to capture some spectacular moments of the chariot procession.

Vaskarbarna Mahabihar


Nyeku Jatra Matya

Gunla Dharma Bhaktapur [ गुँला धर्म भक्तपुर]

Rato Machindranath, Karunamaya or Bungadyo

Bikramashil Mahavihar (Thabahi)