Committee formed for Janabahadyo chariot festival

Bodhi Correspondent


Kathmandu, March 24. A committee for celebration of the chariot festival of Buddhist deity Janabahadyo or Seto Machhindranath was formed today under convenorship of Nilkaji Shakya.


A meeting was held today with participation of police personnel, local political representatives, members of religious and social organizations, clubs, Red Cross and other volunteers to complete the team.


The white-faced deity at Janabahal is worshipped by Newar Buddhists as Bodhisatwa Aryavalikotishwor. His image is taken on a four-wheeled chariot, which is pulled by the locals from Jamal all through the core city of the capital city to Jamal. People believe that the festival signifies beginning of the rainy season.


This year the festival is going to start from April 4th. On the first day, it will start from Jamal to Ratnapark, Keltol, Indrachowk, Makhan to Hanumandhoka. The festival is going to end on Aprl 8th.


Speaking at the programme, former minister Tirtha Ram Dangol said that in the past, as it was coordinated by the locals alone spontaneously, but as the time changes it needs some security management.


Chief executive officer of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office Ishor Raj Paudel said that the office would be ready to provide financial assistance for the festival.