Birthday of Thai Queen Mother observed in Lumbini

Bodhi Correspondent

Lumbini, Rupandehi, August 12. A special prayer programme was organized here at Royal Thai Monastery in Lumbini to commemorate the 86th birthday of Queen Mother Sirikit.

Bhiakkhu Maitri Mahasthavira, the president of All Nepal Bhikkhu Federation inaugurated the prorgramme by lighting a candle in front of the Buddha’s statue.

Monks and nuns form Nepal, Thailand and Sri Lanka chanted Paritrana at the programme. In addition, Nepal’s Himalayan Buddhist monks also chanted prayer on the occasion. Similarly, along with the monks and nuns from Nepal, those from China, Korea and Japan also chanted prayer sutras, wishing good health and long live of the queen mother.

After the programme, on behalf of the Royal Thai Monaostery, donations to the monks and nuns was held. And, bhojana dana was also made for the participating monks and queen at the end of the programme.

Nepal’s Buddhists feel grateful to Thai royal family and the people for the revival of Theravda Buddhism in Nepal.

Queen Sirikit is the Queen Mother in Thailand, having married the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1950 shortly before his coronation; sadly she has not been seen much in public recently following a stroke in 2012. She was born on 12th August 1932, at the home of her maternal grandfather, Lord Vongsanuprabhand. Her father, Prince Nakkhatra Mangala was a diplomat in Thailand and at the time was on a posting in Washington.