Life and struggle of Kamal Bhandari

Bodhi Correspondent

Sometimes life takes unusual courses, this applies when we meet Mr. Kamal Bhandari of existing Barhabise Municipality of Sindhupalchowk. Born in an eternal Brahmin family about 3 decades back, he chose such a path, which perhaps his family members or his nearest and dearest ones had never imagined of. When he reached at 19 years, he experienced an awesome feeling that the path he was living with or was in the environment was not his right path. His inner mind strongly recommended him, “Kamal, now there is another path in which you are supposed to walk through. Go for it.” Thus, Kamal in his teen age, entered into the Budhism and became Monk Ngawang.

Initial struggle

Kamal’s father and mother belonged to orthodox religious background, so they were obviously surprised to know about their son’s wish. However, as one of their had already been associated initially with Buddhism, they did not prohibited him from choosing his path.


He came to Kathmandu with the objectives of adopting Lama life and formal study of Buddhist education. Rimpoches of Shakya Gumba located in Arubari heartily welcomed him there. He was also sent to Thupten Namgyaling located in Himanchal Pradesh for further formal education in Buddhism.


When he came to Kathmandu from Sindhupalchowk, sometimes he felt whether the path he chose was right one or not; but again, the firm determination under him contributed to make him strong. He concentrated on studying scriptures of Buddhism. In the course of study, he understood that Bouddhism is not a religion of any caste. He also learned that the people from the caste of Chhetri and Brahmin also contributed a lot propagation and promotion of Buddhism. Similarly he felt that his path is hundred percent right after knowing about the contribution of many Brahmins teachers for promoting Buddhism.

He has returned Nepal after completing education of Acharya level after completing study in India. It is already been four years he is living in Nepal. He is equally involved in different social activities as well. He is active now in translating Domang and other Buddhist texts in Sambota script to Nepali language.

Flame ignition for world peace

Now Kamal or Lama Ngawang is busy with flame ignition campaign. He has determined to ignite the flame by visiting all districts wishing world peace. Till now he has completed the flame ignition in 2 districts. He has accomplished the task in Chitwan and Sindhupalchowk. Currently Lama Ngawang is serving Nepal Buddhist Federation the general secretary.