Avalokiteshvara’s divine body

Mahamudra Zen‎
In Tibetan, we say zhabsel nyime gyi ku . Zhab means profound; sel means clarity, clear light nature; nyi means two and me is the negative, so nyime means nondual; and ku means divine body ( kaya in Sanskrit).

This shows the nature of the mahamudra body: your liberated wisdom energy itself transforms into the divine rainbow body of Avalokiteshvara.

A rainbow is insubstantial in nature, yet there is the clarity of its different colors. The radiant rainbow light body of Avalokiteshvara is like the morning sun embracing the whole earth: it radiates throughout the entire universe. The divine body of Avalokiteshvara is profound: it is in the nature of everlasting bliss, and its essence is universal compassion. It is transparent, like crystal, and it is nondual, because simultaneously you see yourself as the deity while perceiving the right view of non-self.

Seeing yourself as the deity energizes within you great, blissful, transcendent wisdom and releases all mundane, dualistic thoughts.

Avalokiteshvara’s divine body is nondual, profound, and clear. This is the tantric yoga aspect of mahamudra.


3 years ago/Wednesday, November 8th, 2017/